How many of you are kicking yourself for not knowing more about how the internet works? There are thousands and thousands of people who make their entire living online and even more who manage their business there. Do you know enough?


We’ve had a lot of FUN with our Internet Marketing activities… 

I think we’d all agree the internet is pretty awesome, right? Well, back in 2008 I pretty much fell head over heels in love with the internet and decided that not only did I want to use it for entertainment and learning, but that I wanted to be a part of it!

So the journey began…

In 2008 I launched a website called using a website building platform called Site Build It. The Site Built It product boasted that it would make the process of learning websites development simple and easy. And surprisingly, it did. While the website I made using their tool was incredibly ugly, the education it provided was invaluable. Within a few months 100’s of people were visiting my airbrush site every day!

I was hooked!

Since then I have created many more websites … some successful, some not. But here is what has really surprised me … not very many people understand “how the internet works”!

For example, a recently met with two gentleman who had an idea for a website just to discuss at a high level what was involved in the process. As I started talking it quickly became apparent that these two assumed that if you put something on the internet it will immediately get hundreds if not thousands hits a day!

That is so not the case!

As we continued our discussion I clued them in about:

  • how crowded the internet is
  • how keywords were the key to successful websites
  • how googles search algorithm works
  • the various ways to monetize a website and more

Soon three hours had passed, my throat was dry as a bone and these guys still had a million questions and were completely blown away by everything I was telling them.

As I got in my car that evening and drove home I was struck with the realization:

Wow.  I really do know a lot about the internet!

Obviously I am still in love with the internet and continue to be in the future.  If you ever want to chat about how it works or what we’re doing here at Leviosa to increase our web presence… just let me know!

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