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Shani has been able to contribute to on-going projects through her attention to detail and enthusiasm to learn.  She has been able learn at a high rate making her contribution of ideas much easier and faster for the whole departmental goals. I am looking forward to bigger and better things this next year.  Well done. – Peter MacLachlan

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Your first full year has been a very good year for our department and for yourself.  You did great work with DocMan (objective 5) which ensured this project stayed on schedule, the Quality Assurance Program (objective 3) and of course with Regina West Interconnection (objective 5).  Your study, testing, completion and recommendation for SaskEnergy’s new service regulator was also done extremely well (objective 4). You will be challenged further this year and of course with that the ability to take on more projects and responsibilities in your learning and growing stages of being a full measurement and standards professional engineer. Great work and it has been a pleasure working with you. – Peter MacLachlan

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Shani has had a great year and I can’t say enough about the significance of her contributions to our team!  Shani has initiated and provided leadership on 100% inspection and was instrumental in helping us get an expansion of scope to seal turbines, EVC’s, and TC Modules.  She was also responsible for creating our new QA documentation.  In her new role as Management Representative for our Measurement Quality Assurance Program, Shani was able to develop a very positive and strong working relationship with Measurement Canada that proved to be extremely valuable to us (quick turn around on Dattus meters for Heritage Gas and SNAP certifications). In addition to these things, Shani is also valued for the high level of technical support that she provides. Keep up the great work Shani! – Leanne Stettner


Being new to System Integrity this year, Shani has worked hard to familiarize herself to all the different aspects of the group.  Shani has shown that she is dependable, energetic and resourceful in performing work while managing many different projects at the same time.  She has proven that she can grasp a very technical issue like Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) and take the existing program to a new level while leading the ultrasonic inspection of Beacon Hill to Leoville pipeline, another first for TransGas. I have enjoyed working with Shani over the past eleven months and look forward to next year. -Derrick Mann

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Congratulations on achieving your PMP and I know that you will put all the information you have gained to good use as a Senior Engineer in System Integrity.  Over the past year I have seen many personal changes like becoming more self aware and using more restraint when dealing with difficult situations. You have risen to the challenge of becoming a Senior Engineer by helping and guiding others in the group and in the company (your continued role as SHE chair is an example of this)….I look forward to 2008 and I’m excited to be working with you.-Derrick Mann
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You have had another great year filled with new learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth.  You have shown great leadership skills while working with all your peers on a daily basis.  With your involvement in the SHE group you have increased your exposure to the company and now you are seen as a role model for many younger employees. I have noticed that you are becoming more confident with prioritizing and delegating work, this is a life long talent that like most things can never be perfected but only improved upon, keep up the good work.  You should be very proud of the work you did in 2008 and I look forward to our “challenges” in 2009.-Derrick Mann


Shani, you have shown growth with respect to your awareness of your own actions and how they affect others over the past year.  You continue to lead by example which is a great way to show new engineers how to act and achieve results at SaskEnergy.  You went above and beyond when dealing with [a situation] and that has been recognized by many in the company.  Other improvements in 2009 are your continued work with the development of the CP weekly report and the advancement of the CP IMP. Your attitude and positive demeanour have been even brighter since your return which adds to the great work environment that we have in System Integrity, I really appreciate that, thank you!!! – Derrick Mann

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I have a very positive assessment of your first six months in Transmission Operations (TO).  You displayed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy in these initial months and through this enthusiasm have engaged strong support from your staff and from the field supervisors and managers.  I have also been very pleased with your efforts to build more process and consistency around the One World maintenance module and Viziya work scheduling system.  I feel you are working the concept of increased “effectiveness” through process improvement and the use of technology which is more than 60% of your role.  You have also discovered the opportunities and need for One World improvements to increase the performance of that application.  With respect to leadership with your staff, I have noted that you have set a high bar for each of them, empowered them to make decisions and “drive the bus”.  You have also set learning targets and persistently holding them accountable to achieve them.  This is a quite a statement for someone in a new role, so congratulations on a great start in Operations …  Thank you for your commitment. – Myron Dressler

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