As much as we would like to believe that all projects should be managed the same, we know that in reality that is not true – every company is different, and every company has unique needs. Our aim is simply to make your project successful.


We can assist you with the following Project Management activities… 

Project Scoping

Determining what\’s in, what\’s out and developing documentation to communicate and enforce those decisions. Ideally we would work with your project team to scope the project to gain buy in and acceptance.

Project Team Assembly

Finding the right resources with the right skill sets to get the job done either from within your organization or from outside of it.

Project Team Facilitation

Ensuring that your assembled project team is working effectively and are focused on taking action and making decisions to keep the project moving forward.

Project Schedule Development

Working with the project team to develop work breakdown structures, deliverables and timelines and formally documenting the decisions made in a format that everyone understands.


Project Schedule Control

Following up on the pre-determined schedule, identifying deviations from that schedule and mitigating the outcomes of those deviations.

Project Budget Development 

Working with the project team to develop itemized budget and spending plan.

Project Budget Control

Collecting data and following up on the pre-determined budget and identifying deviations from that budget early.

Project Administration

Collecting, managing, organizing and distributing all project related documentation and deliverables in one central location.

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